CC-1001 Wire Speculum Closed Type 18/20G
CC-1002 Wire Speculum Open Type 18/20G
CC-1003 Wire Speculum Solid Blade
CC-1004 Wire Speculum Extended With Wings
CC-1005 Wire Speculum Closed - PEDIATRIC
CC-1006 R.O.P. Speculum - PEDIATRIC
CC-1007 Murdock Speculum
CC-1008 Sac Muller Retractor
CC-1009 Irrigating Speculum
CC-1010 Phaco Speculum Solid Blades - UNIVERSAL
CC-1011 Phaco Speculum Solid Blades - TEMPORAL
CC-1012 Phaco Speculum Wire Blades - TEMPORAL
CC-1013 Phaco Speculum - ARUL
CC-1014 Park Speculum
CC-1015 Clarke Speculum
CC-1020 Suture Tier Straight - OGAWA
CC-1021 Suture Tier Curved - OGAWA
CC-1022 Suture Tier Straight - JAFFE
CC-1023 Suture Tier Curved - JAFFE
CC-1024 Suture Tier Straight - Cardio care
CC-1025 Suture Tier Curved - Cardio Care
CC-1026 Capsulorhexis Forcep ( UTRATA)
CC-1027 Capsulorhexis Forcep ( MASKET)
CC-1028 Colibri Barraquer 1X2 Teeth 0.12mm
CC-1029 Hoskin Forcep
CC-1030 Pierse Colibri Forcep
CC-1031 Bonn Forcep 1X2 Teeth 0.12mm
CC-1032 Lim’s Forcep 1X2 Teeth 0.12mm
CC-1033 Lris Forcep 1X2 Teeth 0.12mm
CC-1034 Bishop Harmon Forcep 1x2 Teeth 0.4mm
CC-1035 Bishop Harmon Forcep - SERRATED
CC-1036 Castroviejo Forcep 1x2 Teeth 0.12mm
CC-1037 Kelman Mcpherson Forcep 8mm Blades
CC-1038 Mcpherson Forcep 11mm Blades (GASKIN)
CC-1039 Superior Rectus Forcep - DASTOOR
CC-1040 Fixation Forcep 1x2 Teeth
CC-1041 Fixation Forcep 2x3 Teeth
CC-1042 St. Martin Forcep 1X2 Teeth
CC-1043 Arruga Forcep (Intra Capsulor Forcep)
CC-1044 Scleral Plug Holding Forcep
CC-1045 Cilia Forcep - BEER
CC-1046 Cilia Forcep - ANGLED
CC-1047 Utility Forcep - SERRATED
CC-1048 Albama Forcep
CC-1049 Moorefield Forcep
CC-1050 Jewellers Forcep - STRAIGHT
CC-1051 Jewellers Forcep - CURVED
CC-1052 Nucleas Cracker
CC-1053 Pre Chopper - STRAIGHT
CC-1054 Pre Chopper - ANGLED
CC-1055 Combo Pre Chopper - STRAIGHT
CC-1056 Combo Pre Chopper - ANGLED
CC-1057 Bores Fixation Forcep
CC-1058 Lens Holding Forcep - BLAYDES
CC-1059 Lens Holding Forcep - KRATZ
CC-1060 Lens Holding Forcep - SHEPARD
CC-1061 Lens Holding Forcep - DALJIT
CC-1062 Lens Folding Forcep For Acrylic Lens
CC-1063 Lens Folding Forcep For Silicon Lens
CC-1064 Ptosis Clamps
CC-1065 Chalazian Forcep 9mm
CC-1066 Chalazian Forcep 12mm
CC-1067 Entropium Forcep
CC-1068 Muscle Holding Forcep
CC-1069 Blade Breaker - PENCIL
CC-1070 Blade Breaker - FORCEP
CC-1071 Mosquito Forcep - STRAIGHT
CC-1072 Mosquito Forcep - CURVED
CC-1073 Sponge Holding Forcep
CC-1074 Towel Clip
CC-1075 Bull Dog Clamp - STRAIGHT
CC-1076 Bull Dog Clamp - CURVED
CC-2000 Vannas Scissor 5mm - STRAIGHT
CC-2001 Vannas Scissor 5mm - CURVED
CC-2002 Vannas Scissor11mm Blades - STRAIGHT
CC-2003 Vannas Scissor 11mm Blades - CURVED
CC-2004 Vannas Scissor 11mm - ANGLED
CC-2005 Vannas Scissor 5mm - SIDE ANGLED
CC-2006 Vannas Scissor 5mm - SIDE ANGLED
CC-2007 Corneal Scissor - LEFT ANGLED
CC-2008 Corneal Scissor - RIGHT ANGLED
CC-2009 Westcott Scissor 16mm - STRAIGHT
CC-2010 Westcott Scissor 16mm - CURVED
CC-2011 Westcott Scissor 20mm - CURVED
CC-2012 Ring Scissor - STRAIGHT
CC-2013 Ring Scissor - CURVED
CC-2014 Tenotomy Scissor - STRAIGHT
CC-2015 Tenotomy Scissor - CURVED
CC-2016 Enucleation Scissor
CC-2017 Dewecker Scissor
CC-2018 Barraquer Scissor
CC-2019 Needle Holder with Scissor - STRAIGHT
CC-2020 Needle Holder with Scissor - CURVED
CC-2030 Kalt Needle Holder
CC-2031 Barraquer Needle Holder - CURVED
CC-2032 Barraquer Needle Holder - STRAIGHT
CC-2033 Barraquer Needle Holder with Lock
CC-2034 Pierse Needle Holder
CC-2035 Macro Needle Holder
CC-2036 Macro Needle Holder with Lock
CC-2037 Castroviejo Needle Holder
CC-2038 Baby Barraquer Needle Holder
CC-2050 Thoronton Fixation Ring
CC-2051 Corneal Marker - 8 Lines
CC-2052 Corneal Marker - 4 Lines
CC-2053 Vectis with 6mm Marker
CC-2054 Vectis with Iris Repositor
CC-2055 Vectis - PLANE
CC-2056 Vectis - SERRATED
CC-2057 Muscle Hook - JAMESON
CC-2058 Muscle Hook - GRAEFE
CC-2059 Gass Retinal Detachment Hook
CC-2060 Cyclodialysis Spatula
CC-2061 Scleral Depressor - ADULT
CC-2062 Scleral Depressor - PEDIATRIC
CC-2063 Catspaw Retractor
CC-2064 Lid Retractor Adult
CC-2065 Lid Retractor Pediatric
CC-2066 Schepen Orbital Retractor
CC-2067 Chalazian Scoop Size 1
CC-2068 Chalazian Scoop Size 2
CC-2069 Evisceration Scoop
CC-2070 Enucleation Spoon
CC-2071 Cautery - COPPER BALL
CC-2072 Cautery - COPPER SPEAR
CC-2073 Nightingale Polisher
CC-2074 Sinskey Hook
CC-2075 Lewcky Hook
CC-2076 Lester Ball Dialor
CC-2077 V Hook
CC-2078 T Hook
CC-2079 Kuglen Hook
CC-2080 Nucleas Rotator
CC-2081 Nucleas Sustainer
CC-2082 Phaco Spatula
CC-2083 Iris Repositor
CC-2084 Sac Dissector - LANG’S
CC-2085 Sac Dissector - DASTOOR
CC-2086 Lasik Spatula
CC-2087 Tooks Knife
CC-2088 Periosteal Elevator - FREER
CC-2089 Periosteal Elevator - TRAQUAIR
CC-2090 Chavasse’s Hook
CC-2091 Punctum Dialator
CC-2092 Harms Trabeculotomy Probes
CC-2093 Chopper for Phaco Ball Tip
CC-2094 Chopper 1.0mm 900 Blunt Tip
CC-2095 Chopper 1.0mm 900 Sharp Tip
CC-2096 Chopper 1.25mm 600 Blunt Tip
CC-2097 Chopper 1.25mm 600 vBlunt Tipp
CC-2098 Chopper 1.5mm Blunt Tip Combop
CC-2099 Chopper 1.5mm smooth deep curved blunt
CC-2100 Irrigating Chopper 1.5 mm smooth Front Flow Tip Irrigation
CC-2101 Nucleus Trisector
CC-2102 Nucleus Bisector
CC-2103 Nucleus Cutting Board
CC-2104 Bone Chisel
CC-2105 Bone Gouge
CC-2106 Green Spatula
CC-2107 Tenotomy Hook
CC-2108 B.P. Handle
CC-2109 LID Guard
CC-2110 Pig Tail Probe
CC-2140 Simcoe Cannulas 0.3mm aspiration port chromplated very smooth 21/22G
CC-2141 Simcoe Cannulas 0.3mm aspiration port chromplated very smooth 22G
CC-2142 Simcoe Cannulas 0.3mm aspiration port chromplated very smooth 23G
CC-2143 Simcoe Cannulas Disposable 22G
CC-2144 Simcoe Cannulas Disposable 23G
CC-2145 12 O’Clock Chnnula 0.3mm aspiration port chromplated very smooth left and right 22G, 23G
CC-2146 Bimanual I/A Steel Handle Changeable Cannulas
CC-2147 Bimanual I/A Aluminium Handle
CC-2148 Bimanual I/A teflon Handle
CC-2149 Infusion Cannulas 20G
CC-2150 Irrigating Vectis Knolle Pearce 3 ports
CC-2151 Irrigating Vectis Hoffman 3 ports
CC-2152 A.C. Maintainer 20G with grooving
CC-2153 Silicon Tipped Cannulas 20G
CC-2154 Lasik Cannulas 23G/25G 3 Ports
CC-2155 Back Flush Flute Handle
CC-2156 Charles Flute Handle
CC-2157 Simcoe Bulb
CC-2170 Bone Punch 1.0mm
CC-2171 Bone Punch 1.5mm
CC-2172 Bone Punch 2.0mm
CC-2173 Bone Punch 2.5mm
CC-2174 Bone Punch 3.0mm
CC-2175 Kellys.'s Punch Trabeculotomy punch 1.0mm
CC-2176 Gass Trabeculotomy Punch Trabeculotomy punch 1.0mm with rotatable blade
CC-2177 Bone Punch 3.0mm
CC-2177 Corneal Punch All sizes of trephines can be fixed to cut cornea from the donor’s cornea
CC-2177 Corneal Punch Sizes are available from 6.0 mm to 11.0 mm with a step of 0.5 mm
CC-2180 Caliper Straight with 0-20mm measurement
CC-2181 Caliper Curved with 0-20mm measurement
CC-2182 Lachrymal Probes 3.0mm - 3.5mm , 3.5mm - 4.0mm
CC-2185 Sterilization Box Size 8” x 4” x 1” Single mat
CC-2186 Sterilization Box Size 8” x 4” x 2” Double mat
CC-2187 Sterilization Box Size 8” x 8” x 1” Double mat side by side
CC-2188 Sterilization Box Size 8” x 8” x 2” four mats
CC-2190 45 Angled Forcep 20G
CC-2191 45 Angled Forcep 23G
CC-2192 End Gripping Forcep 20G
CC-2193 End Gripping Forcep 23G
CC-2194 Foreign Body Forcep 3 Prongs
CC-2195 Foreign Body Forcep
CC-2196 Pick Forcep
CC-2197 Straight Forcep 20G
CC-2198 Straight Forcep 23G
CC-2199 Serrated Forcep 20G
CC-2200 Serrated Forcep 23G
CC-2201 90 Scissor 20G
CC-2202 90 Scissor 23G
CC-2203 Curved Scissor 20G
CC-2204 Curved Scissor 23G
CC-2205 Straight Scissor 20G
CC-2206 Straight Scissor 23G
CC-2207 ILM Forcep 20G
CC-2208 ILM Forcep 23G
CC-2220 Intra Ocular Magnet
CC-2221 Capsulorhexts Forcep 23G
CC-2222 Artificial Anterior Chamber - Titanium
CC-2223 Eye Ball Stand
CC-2224 Lachrymal Intubation Set
CC-2225 Punctum Plug Holding Forcep
CC-2226 Intralase Flap Lifter
CC-2227 Corneal Scraper
CC-2228 Lamellar Dissector
CC-2229 Kenneth Wright Hook
CC-2230 Barbies Retractor
CC-2231 Busin Forcep For Lamellar Inserting
CC-2232 Moody's Forcep Left &Right with Lock
CC-2233 Capsulorhexis Forcep Spring Action
CC-2250 Wire Speculum 45 Angled Bevel up Handle Colour-YELLOW
Wire Speculum 45 Angled Bevel up Handle Colour-BLU
CC-2258 Wire Speculum 45 Angled Bevel up Handle Colour-PINK
CC-2260 Wire Speculum 5.1mm 45 Angled Bevel up Handle Colour-GREEN
CC-2262 Wire Speculum 20G Handle Colour-PINK